The best value framework on the market with a starting price of zero!

Source products

Our free stack collection comes with its own blank theme and even on its own is enough to build some great websites!
If you want to take things to the next level though then we have some fantastic options for you.
Check out our latest deals below!


Everything you need to get started using a framework.

Source theme

13 free stacks

Welcome project

Source + Addon pack

Source with an additional batch of power stacks!

15 additional stacks

Includes our unrivalled Grid Plus stacks - built upon 'CSS grid'

Premium support

Limited time bonus deal:
Purchase today and get your choice of a Source project completely free!

Take it to the next level!

Additional options to enhance the power of Source (and to build your web design skills)!

Source Workbook

Quite simply the best learning resource for Source (and RapidWeaver/Stacks)!

Detailed overview of every setting of every stack

Step-by-step tutorials

Early bird pricing:

Purchase today and save 20%.
(Discount applied during checkout)

Source projects

Stunning projects built with Source.

For use as starter sites or as a learning resource

Packed full of 'developer notes'

Lifetime deal available (get all current and future projects)

Source Plus projects

Demo projects built with Source plus third-party stacks .

Source 'Plus' projects showcase using Source with best-in-class third-party stacks!

For use as starter sites or as a learning resource

Packed full of 'developer notes'

Available for free or a small donation

Stacks bundle

Source and the Addon pack are included in our amazing value stack bundle

ALL Shaking the Habitual stacks

Many include direct integration with Source (e.g. Palette, Toggle, Splider and Markdown link)!

Incredible value - save over 50% from buying all stacks individually!

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RapidWeaver Academy

Our courses are hosted on the RapidWeaver Academy Learning Management System (LMS). These courses are full featured and include step-by-step video tutorials along with meaningful activities and challenges.

Our Source introduction course 'Lawyer' is completely free!

Grid enabler

This stack unleashes the power of the Source grid stacks in any framework!

That's right - you can now harness the power of CSS Grid in the like of Foundry or Foundation!!

NB: Also requires Source and Source Addons