Source stacks

Source, Source Addons and Source Companion stacks

Source Base stack
Source Button stack
Source Header stack
Source Paragraph stack
Source Image stack
Source Markdown stack
Source Container stack
Source Grid stack
Source Container Base stack
Source Nav stack
Source Font Awesome enabler stack
Source jQuery enabler stack
Source Smooth Scroll enabler stack
Source Addons
Source Divider stack
Source Image Fit stack
Source SVG stack
Source Container Plus stack
Source Grid Plus stack
Source Grid Plus stack
Source Dark Mode stack
Source Dark Mode Visibility stack
Source Coder stack
Source Utility Classes stack
Source Utility Classes stack

More information about all of our stacks is available over on our Knowledge Base. You can even live chat with us there if you have any questions.

'Companion' stacks

These stacks have been created to work perfectly with Source and contain full integration where appropriate.

Like Source, the focus is on being lightweight and to operate without any unnecessary dependencies (like jQuery or Font Awesome).


FAQ Toggle

A flexible toggle stack that lets users show and hide content. it's a great way to minimise visible content on the page.



Bring your web pages to life with some stunning (and subtle) animations. Includes full integration with the Source layout stacks.



A fantastic, flexible slider that can be used for any slideshow needs.


Enabling the import and conversion of Markdown text in a remote file.



Transform boring lists with eye-catching coloured 'points'!

These are available in addition to Source and are not required to use Source / the Addon pack. They can also all be used in frameworks other than Source.