A fast and efficient 'micro' framework


Page speeds and core vitals

If Google cares then so should you!

Source offers an alternative approach for your RapidWeaver projects. Instead of using a large, bloated framework with 100+ stacks, Source offers you a small set of well crafted (and hugely powerful!) stacks that sit on a modern, minimal code base. Page size / speed is a huge factor for Google ratings (not to mention user experience!) and so if you are not utilising most of what a full framework offers you then you will likely have pages that are far bigger (and slower!) than they need to be. Check out our 'blank page comparisons' to see what we are talking about.

Source is a great choice if you are wanting to try and speed up RapidWeaver performance in Edit and Preview modes (and also have lightweight published sites!).

Can your existing framework offer the opportunity of achieving these types of scores?

Run any of our demo project files through Google Lighthouse / Page Speed Insights to see that scores like these are effortlessly achieved when you don't throw the kitchen sink at every page!

Why Source?

The case for a micro framework

Full frameworks have code inside them for virtually any and every need - be that for galleries, different types of menus, accordions, sliders, cards etc etc etc. All of this code is loaded onto your page whether you need it or not. If you use some of these things then you will be getting the use of some of that code. If you don't then all of that code is sitting redundant on your page and causing your pages to load slower than they need to.

Additionally, thanks to all of the fantastic stacks available via the RapidWeaver Community, many people use dedicated third-party stacks for things like sliders, menus and galleries etc. They do this because they are better and more flexible than the framework version - but doing so it adds yet more code to the page and makes the framework code increasingly redundant.

Source was born because I personally reached the stage where I was effectively using an entire framework to set my colours and my fonts. Virtually every stack that I added to my pages were third-party stacks that offered me the power and flexibility that I needed.

Source strips out all of that unnecessary code and lets you use the Source stacks along with your favourites from the RapidWeaver Community.